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High-Quality Hemp and Infusion Biosciences' proprietary extraction processes come together to form a new standard in Hemp Wellness Products

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Our Blends:

Full Spectrum: In correct scientific description, the term “full spectrum” extract of a plant means that the extract contains “all naturally occurring phytochemicals”

Full Spectrum w/ added CBG: Most traditional varieties (strains) of industrial hemp contain cannabidiol as the primary cannabinoid. However, some strains have been developed that contain cannabigerol as their primary cannabinoid. Our CBG whole plant extracts are produced from the latter varieties. 

1:1: We also produce extracts that contain a custom blend of cannabigerol hemp with traditional hemp to develop a desired ratio of the primary cannabinoids along with all other natural phytochemicals.

  • Functional Products

    All of our products have an intended purpose and are effective at fulfilling it.

  • Complete Plant Spectrums

    Infusion Biosciences focuses on delivering the whole spectrum of a plant's phytonutrients instead of focusing on just one.

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  • Dedication to Quality

    All of our products are made with a dedication to quality and attention to detail.